Characteristics of the Best DP Tuner to Increase Horsepower in Ford Powerstroke Diesel Trucks

One of the most important aspects of diesel power vehicles like trucks is horsepower, but not for the sake of speed as it is with other vehicles. For diesel-powered trucks, power is important for towing or hauling heavy loads. Having the right amount of power can put less strain on the towing vehicle, make towing or hauling heavy loads safer and it can also improve gas mileage. That is why knowing what a DP chip is, and for people driving a Ford Powerstroke vehicle, knowing what is the best dp tuner to increase horsepower in ford powerstroke diesel trucks is so important.

DP Chip Benefits

A DP chip is a computer unit that specifically targets the fuel injection system of modern diesel motors. This computer helps improve the volume of fuel dispensed by the fuel injection system. This will often greatly improve horsepower which can help when towing or hauling heavy loads. However, this may seem counter-intuitive to better gas mileage, and if that is all a DP chip did, it would certainly help horsepower, but it would also hurt fuel economy.

Air Intake and Fuel Timing

Most DP chips also modulate air intake as well as fuel timing. What this does is by increasing air intake, the fuel mixture is richer which in turn offers more power. With fuel injector timing, more fuel applied when the vehicle needs more power and limiting fuel such as when a vehicle is idling or is at highway speeds balances things out. In total, a quality DP chip can help improve horsepower and vehicle torque by as much as 25 to 35 percent respectively.

Smooth Power Increases

This chip also allows for a smooth increase. Simply adding more horsepower and torque could make stepping on the accelerator as a person would normally do a lot different. Jerky starts or faster acceleration can result from just a blind increase in horsepower. However, the DP chip will help regulate power increases to make sure when more power is needed, the transition is a smooth one.

While there are plenty of options for upgrading your trucks DP chip, not all of them are the same. Looking for ones that offer exceptional boosts in horsepower and looking for ones that are highly rated by past customers is a good place to start if your looking for a DP chip upgrade.