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Setbacks Affecting Immigrants

Many people migrating and relocating in a new country has often been a challenge. There are common problems that all people trying to settle in a new country are faced with as the immigrants are often the major victims of the problems affecting people setting in a new country. The problem with language barrier makes the immigrants to be challenged by how they can not engage in conversations with the other citizens as the immigrants are noted to be affected by language.

Having low educational qualifications on their side makes it a hindrance for the immigrants as they can be at a better position to learn and understand the new country language as a fast rate. Employement from the immigrants is often challenged by the low academic qualifications that many have hence the immigrants miss on the desired posts that they have yearned to work in.

Lack of proper housing has been a concern that immigrants have been seen suffering from. Immigrants takes time before adapting to the housing market operation and how they are hence making the immigrants to start living in shanties which as time passes ends up with the immigrants being pushed to poor neighborhood in the country. The access to get services that are better for living for the immigrants are limited as the immigrants do not have much of an opinion whereas there are great services that are available for the other people in the country to gain from. The access to many activities and resources are not allowed to be given to the immigrants as the legal documents that the immigrants have in possession cause problems as the situation may worsen if the immigrants may not be documented legally in the country. Cultural differences affects the immigrants in a great way, they may not be able to adopt to the new country trends fast which results to them feeling outcasts for a while. At times the new country cultures are in conflict with the immigrant’s culture, this result to the immigrants not fully integrating with the new community.

The immigrants that have the similar physical appearance are being jobs by the citizens as racism has been noted to be a major hindrance in immigration making the rest of the immigrants that are similar in appearance to be isolated. The new governments have been revoking and denying the immigrants the chance to do activities in their country as the issue has been experiences by most of the immigrants. In recent times immigrant identified to be a political issue and no longer a humanitarian issue, with the politicians involved in migrations many make policies that favor them during their tenor in office and do not make a wholesome consideration for the entire immigrant in the new country.

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